Mary Magdalene is a female disciple of Jesus, who could even be one of those who led a large group of women who “followed and served” Jesus, and who for various possible reasons was reduced, manipulated and deformed into a prostitute , yes, “very sorry”.

The confusion arises because in chapter 7 of the Gospel of Luke it speaks of the sinful woman who had anointed Jesus with perfume at a banquet at the home of a Pharisee. The following two matches occur:

1. That this chapter 7 is followed by the narration that Luke tells us, in chapter 8, of the women who followed Jesus, highlighting Mary Magdalene.

2. That Mary of Bethany had also anointed Jesus, according to the Gospel of John in chapter 12.

From all this it follows that in a first phase Mary Magdalene became the sinner of Luke’s narration, and in a second phase, she is confused with Mary of Bethany.

These words of Pope Francis in the Apostolic Exhortation are essential and indispensable ” Gaudete et exsultate “ to understand what should be the position and attitude of the Christian before migrants and refugees arriving at our borders and coasts.

101. It is also harmful and ideological the error of those who live suspicious of the social commitment of others, considering it something superficial, mundane, secularist, immanentist, communist, populist. Or they relativize it as if there were other more important things or as if it were only interested in a certain ethic or a reason that they defend. The defense of the innocent who has not been born, for example, must be clear, firm and passionate, because there the dignity of human life is at stake, always sacred, and it is required by love for each person beyond their development. But equally sacred is the life of the poor who have already been born, who struggle in misery, abandonment, postponement, human trafficking, disguised euthanasia of the sick and elderly deprived of care, the new forms of slavery, and in all forms of disposal. We cannot consider an ideal of sanctity that ignores the injustice of this world, where some celebrate, spend happily and reduce their lives to the novelties of consumption, while others only watch from the outside while their life passes and ends miserably. < / span>

102. It is often heard that, in the face of relativism and the limits of today’s world, the situation of migrants, for example, would be a minor issue. Some Catholics claim that it is a secondary issue alongside the “serious” issues of bioethics. That a politician concerned about his success says something like this can be understood; but not a Christian, who only has the attitude of putting himself in the shoes of that brother who risks his life to give his children a future. Can we recognize that this is precisely what Jesus Christ demands of us when he tells us that we receive him in every stranger (cf. Mt 25,35)? Saint Benedict had accepted it without hesitation and, although this could “complicate” the life of the monks, he established that all guests who came to the monastery should be welcomed “like Christ” , expressing it even with gestures of adoration, and that the poor and pilgrims be treated “with the utmost care and solicitude”.

Quique Fernández

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