The Pope Video, which communicates his prayer intentions to join us, was released with a video in which the Pope reminds us that we are all children of God.
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It must be remembered that Pope Francis is not a pioneer in this statement since Pope John Paul II did so on several occasions. Let’s see an example of this:

In the encyclical Sollicitudo rei socialis (1987), in point 47, it says: “To those who share with us the inheritance of Abraham,“ our father in faith ”and the tradition of the Ancient Testament, that is, the Jews; and to those who, like us, believe in a just and merciful God, that is, the Muslims… ”. Also in the encyclical Redemptoris Missio (1990), points 55 to 57 precede with the statement “Dialogue with brothers of other religions.” And in the homily of January 28, 1990 in Mali: “… our Muslim brothers and sisters (…) who like us worship the only and merciful God”.

Thus, the doctrine and pastoral that emanate from this video are not new in the Church, it is not an idea of ​​Pope Francis.
Well, it is evident that when we call brothers to Jews or Muslims is because we believe that they are children of the same Father that we are. This is not only not heresy but it is a consequence of our faith and doctrine. If we believe, and we believe, that there is only one God who is our Father … how can we maintain that the faithful of these religions have another father? We would be feeding something as serious as that there are several parents and, therefore, several gods. Do we not realize that this proposal contrary to the fact that we are all children of God is really contrary to the doctrine?

I imagine the objection: but it is not Baptism that makes us children of God. So, how can the unbaptized be?
First of all, it must be said that it is not in Baptism that we receive the soul, God’s great gift to his children. We all receive the soul, I reiterate and insist, all of us! at the time of our conception. We cannot defend that the right to life is based on the fact that the fetus is a person, and therefore has a soul, and then do like the slave owners who denied that Indians or blacks had a soul. We all have souls because we are all children of God. We all have souls because we are all created in the image and likeness of God. No human being is a creature without a soul.

So Baptism? Baptism makes us children of God not only by nature but by grace. Baptism is the open door to the channel of grace. We have a container that can potentially receive grace, which we call soul, but it is Baptism that begins to fill that vessel of sacramental grace that precedes the graces of the other sacraments.

Furthermore, we know that a catechumen, who has not yet received Baptism, is moved by a grace, called actual grace, to take the step of beginning the journey of faith towards his full incorporation for Baptism.
Therefore, Pope Francis and his video are within Catholic doctrine. The question is whether all those who are harshly criticizing the Pope are still in communion with the Church. Make him look especially at certain blogs, websites and portals, which have us already accustomed to the fact that everything Pope Francis does or says has to be questioned and criticized.

We continue to live our faith in communion with the Church and with the Pope. To this we have been called by the only God incarnate in his Son Jesus Christ.
Quique Fernández

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