We are approaching the official opening date of Miracle Sound Radio and, therefore, it is my intention to offer a series of four articles in which the Word of God and music come together. More specifically the four Canticles of the Servant of the prophet Isaías with four songs by the singer-songwriter Ismael Serrano.

The truth is that some time ago, as I was reading the songs, and I was reflecting on them, those other songs, the songs of Ismael Serrano, began to sound to me, in my ear and in my soul.

First Song of the Servant (Is 42, 1-9)

+ Wake up (Ismael Serrano – “Everything begins and everything ends with you” – 2012)

The first song deals with the role of the prophet. The prophet, in the first Song of the Servant, presents the announcement to us in a way that is very different from what one might be used to. The prophet “will not cry out, cry out, or shout through the streets.” (V2)

Ismael Serrano says in his song:

“Wake up, you have to paint, new constellations
so that sailors lost in the night
find the way that brings you closer to tomorrow ”

“Because the prophet will not be a facade but” will faithfully promote the law, without wavering or breaking (v3) “so that you open the eyes of the blind, bring the captives out of prison, and those who are out of the dungeon. they live in darkness ”(v7)

These words remind us of those that Jesus spoke in the Synagogue (Lk 4, 16-30) reading the prophet Tritoisaías (Is 61, 1-2)

And Ismael Serrano continues:

“That fate did not give birth to the misery in which you sleep,
was born from the wills of a thousand men and women
that nothing is written forever, wake up “

That nothing is written forever sounds like the same music to me as “The old is gone and now I announce something new” (v9)

Christians of the 21st century must wake up from the lethargy of a spiritualistic religiosity, to act as prophets announcing the Kingdom.


Quique Fernández

School of Biblical Animation

Miracle Sound Radio