> In the book of the prophet Isaías We find, at the beginning and almost at the end, two texts that enlighten us in a concrete and practical way, of which is the Mercy that God wants. The first one is in the first chapter. God, through Isaías, Surprise saying “I’m fed up with holocausts … I don’t want any more blood”.
But… wasn’t that what God wanted?
And God continues “do not bring me vain offerings.” 
So… what does God want? 
He answers himself: 
“Learn to do good… help the oppressed!
As if it were a parallel text, what in ch. 1 occurs with the cult in ch. 58 happens with fasting. 
God makes a serious accusation regarding a fast clothed in religiosity and respectability but which is false: “the same day that you fast, you mistreat your servants.”
And he asks: “Is this the fast that I love?”
And we can ask ourselves again: How is it that God is not happy? What does God want? 
And He answers again:
“This is the fast that I love: loosening the unjust chains, setting the oppressed free, sharing your bread with the hungry and sheltering the homeless poor; cover whoever you see naked ”. 
Wow, you’re talking about the Works of Mercy!
Very concrete and very practical, without remaining in simple theories, in false cults and fasts.


Quique Fernandez

School of Biblical Animation

Miracle Sound Radio