4th Song of the Servant (Is 52, 13- 53, 12)

+ Turn on the light (Ismael Serrano – “Wendy’s betrayal” – 2002)

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The fourth Canto deals with the only one that gives true meaning to the prophet and his mission. It should be easy for Christians to identify who he is talking about: “He endured our sufferings” (v4)

“His scars have healed us” (v5) He is the one who gives meaning to everything, the one who illuminates everything.

The chosen song tells us:

“Turn on the light, cover the street now,
that the coyotes are gathered
and here in the south the dawn will bring
an endless rain,
the end of the night. ”

The dawn, the resurgence of the humiliated, the resurrection of him, and of his people with him, and of all the downcast, the most disadvantaged, will bring an endless rain, the end of the night, the light.

The song tells us “Poor he who reminds us that the story is over” . Woe to those who believe that the powerful, the insensitive, the “great of this world” have the last word. The last word is from God: Resurrection. In other words, what seems to be ending, has only just begun: Life.

Christians of the 21st century need to recover the Easter faith, that of the flame that gives light and illuminates our lives, that of the flame that sets our hearts on fire. The faith of the prophet who risks because he knows and loves the true meaning of his life.

Quique Fernandez

School of Biblical Animation
Miracle Sound Radio