Not too many years ago we all had on the wall at the head of the bed an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Some of these images were more successful than others and there were, admittedly, some “very improvable”.
I open a parenthesis to say that when we say that an image of Jesus or Mary is ugly, it must be understood, logically, that we mean not what it represents but how it represents it, that is, the  art or lack of it that the artist or the well-intentioned but very little artist has had. Clarified remains.
Well, the most important thing about these images was that they represented Jesus Christ, the Son of God, with the heart of a man. When the heart is spoken of in the Bible, we refer not only to the valve that allows us to live because it pumps the blood, nor only to the heart that falls in love and loves another person, but also the symbolic place where great decisions are made and It is also the place of welcome for the weak and needy, the little one or the different. Thus, when we say that someone “does not have a heart” we are not referring to the fact that they do not have the valve, or when we speak of the Heart of Jesus we are not referring to what is pumping their blood.
This reality of the Heart of Jesus has traditionally been designated preceded by the expression “Sacred”. I would not want to detract at all that Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the true God, is Holy and Sacred all of Him and, therefore, also of His heart. But, I dare to complete that denomination with the adjective “merciful” because, without a doubt, after the Year of Mercy and, especially, after all the preaching that Pope Francis has offered us about it, I believe that this is how it is completed. in a necessary way the understanding of what the Sacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus is.
A Heart that loves, forgives and sympathizes. Let us remember how that Heart feels and acts before the multitude of people who have followed it to listen to them. Jesus had learned from his Mother that “they have no wine”, that is, to look at what is necessary and, above all, who is in need. Thus, now, Jesus sees that “they have no bread” and from his compassionate gaze, as he did when turning water into wine, now he turns a little into a lot. Because the Sacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus is a place of generous welcome.

Quique Fernandez

School of Biblical Animation

Miracle Sound Radio