Human love is part of the divine plan. But, do we know what God had in mind when he decided to create a human being with a male body and a female body? What did God want when he decided to create a human being who is male and female? What does it mean for God to be a man, to be a woman, and to be so in a body; in a male flesh and a female flesh? Already in the stories of Genesis (first book of the Bible) the beauty of the human body, the beauty of masculinity and femininity, is reflected and it is where we find the true anthropological meaning.

We currently live in a corporeal culture, the body appears everywhere. The meaning of the body has been recovered. The body occupies a centrality within social activity. But we have a distorted view of the body; there is a hedonistic ethic underneath today’s corporeal culture. The body is presented as the place and scope for pleasure rather than love.

If you want to know more about distorted views of love (what love should not be); altruistic love sentimental and emotional love, liquid love, narcissistic love, the eroticization of love… don’t miss the next podcast “The body, a place for love”.


Professor of Theology, Faculty of Theology San Dámaso (Madrid) and at the Pontifical Juan Pablo II Institute (Madrid)



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