c) Jesus teaches us to pray

His relationship with the Father is so important to Jesus that he dedicates an important part of his public life and preaching to teaching his disciples of yesterday, today and forever to pray. He is, therefore, a Master of prayer but, as we have seen, he is a Master who begins by teaching by example.

We can highlight three blocks of this teaching:

– The teachings on prayer in the Sermon on the Mount (and / or on the Plain)

– The Lord’s Prayer, as a privileged way of addressing the Father

– Parables about prayer such as that of the inopportune Friend, in chapter 11 of the Gospel of Luke, that of the unjust Judge and the widow or that of the Pharisee and the Publican, both in chapter 18 of the same Gospel.

And from those blocks corresponding to different moments and ways of praying, the teachings of him emerge that we can summarize:

– True prayer is born from a humble heart: we must recognize the Father and we must recognize ourselves as sinners.

– This humility leads us to trust and, in turn, trust leads us to insist on our request.

Precisely thanks to the evangelists, Jesus continues to teach us to pray today, both from how he prayed to how he made explicit what our prayer should be.

I will finish with some words from Jesus that I think may well summarize his teaching: “when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites …” (Mt 6, 11). Once again this journey takes us to the heart. Before we said that a humble heart was required, now we add “sincere”. A humble and sincere heart is the best place to meet the Father. Like the heart of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Quique Fernández


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