a) Basic initial aspects

I think it is worth highlighting some basic initial aspects to understand how Jesus prays and teaches how to pray:

– Jesus was educated in the Jewish faith, in the decalogue that begins by saying “Listen to Israel”, as a previous commandment.

– Jesus was educated, therefore, in prayer to God and listening to the Word, by Mary and Joseph. Mary, in the canticle of the Magnificat, demonstrates a knowledge of Scripture by paraphrasing the prophetess Anna.

– Jesus, therefore, is a man of prayer, not just of prayers.

– Jesus, as a good Jew, finds a suitable psalm for each moment. We should not be surprised, then, that several of his prayers are based on Scripture and, especially, on the Psalms.

b) Jesus prays

The Gospel of Luke is the ideal framework to fix our gaze on the prayer of Jesus. In that Gospel we are shown the daily and constant dynamics of Jesus’ prayer. Let’s see some examples:

-Jesus prays before his Baptism (Lk 3:21)

– Jesus retires to secluded places to pray (Lk 5, 15-16)

– Jesus prays on the mountain (Lk 6, 12)

-Jesus went up to pray on Mount Tabor, where he is transfigured (Lk 9, 29)

From these verses of the Gospel of Luke it can be deduced that Jesus takes advantage of every occasion to address the Father and that, especially, all the important moments of his life are preceded by prayer: Baptism, beginning of public life, choice of his apostles, Transfiguration …

Jesus, as man and as Son, feels the need to pray and, for this, he takes time and looks for space. It is by no means a secondary activity but, quite the contrary, a core reality of his existence.

Quique Fernández


School of Biblical Animation

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