Second Song of the Servant (Is 49, 1-7)

+ I would like (Ismael Serrano – “The memory of fish” – 1998)

The second song deals with the identity of the prophet. The prophet tells us: “The Lord called me, in the womb, and spoke my name” (v1) “The Lord who, from the womb, made me his servant” (v5)

It reminds us of the words of Saint Paul to the Ephesians: “He chose us in the person of Christ, before creating the world, so that we might be saints” (Eph 1, 4)

Ismael Serrano says in his song:

“I would like to be a freethinker,
not hear the roar of the guts of so many, nor their crying, nor their pain,
establish myself correct, philosopher, neutral, independent. ”

The comfortable thing would be to ignore the Lord’s call, of your choice, of having been chosen for such an uncomfortable and unpopular task as being a prophet.

But despite the excuses of the chosen one, with examples as clear as those of Jeremiah or Ezekiel, it is not possible for him to be indifferent or to refuse “reasonably”.

Follow the song:

“The fact is that everyday sadness affects me,
that of supermarkets, that of the subway and sidewalks,
also those that are far away,
those of the dry deserts, those of the green forests.

The point is, they seem like good people to me,
some twilight fighters,
who break their chests to be heard,
that will die in a corner, shot ”.

When the song says “that they break their chests to be heard, that they will die in a corner, shot” it reminds me of verse 7 of this Second Song of the Servants: “Al despised and hated by the nations, and a slave to tyrants ” (v7)

Christians of the 21st century must deepen our prophetic mission and, therefore, not be satisfied with our “comfortable” practices.

Quique Fernandez

School of Biblical Animation

Miracle Sound Radio