When I was 13 years old, a good friend asked me if I wanted to accompany her to meet other young people to pray for a while. I said yes and accepted the invitation.

I had a really different experience; I had always spent time praying since I was very little because they had taught me how important it was, but I think I shouldn’t be doing it too well, because until then I hadn’t had such direct contact with God. Well this time I could feel how He was listening to me, but also something bigger, the newest thing for me; I could hear Him too.

And I believe that praying in an authentic way consists of that personal contact with God, it is a dialogue in which I speak to him with confidence and he answers me. Ultimately, I discovered that you can also pray without using prayers, from the heart, without big words.

Since then, group prayer has been very important to me, because where there are two or more gathered in his name, He is there. And that has always helped me to be able to feel Jesus really close and to be able to listen to him to know what It is what he asks of me every day and every moment in the university, at work, in the parish and in the family. Because I want to follow Jesus and if I can’t hear him, I feel like I’m lost and clueless.

For this reason, whenever I have the opportunity to pray in community, I do not hesitate to attend, because I know that I will also receive the testimony of other people who, like me, try to follow the same path and in difficult moments encourage me to keep going.

It also helps me in a very special way to pray from music to get in touch with God. When I’m in my room sometimes I start the prayer time with a song and so much so that sometimes I can’t continue singing because I want to cry from the great joy of feeling God so close.


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