And in the same way that in Jesus the Love of God is specified and visualized, also in the disciples of Jesus, both his contemporaries and those of all history, also in them, as links that connect and give continuity , also in them the Love of God is specified and visualized.

We can provide an extremely significant and luminous example of testimony. The example of “another Christ” . Maximiliano Kolbe generously gives his life, occupying the place of victim, answering the question why he did it by saying that because he was a priest of Christ, that is, “another Christ” . We could say the same about Monsignor Romero, to take another example.

Their lives and their surrendered deaths scream that love, kindness, mercy, are real and have concrete forms. And furthermore, along with that “shouted” truth, there is also a suggestive question: if it weren’t because love exists, what would the meaning of these total donations have?

The God-Love, therefore, fills life with meaning until we become disciples in other lives given, although it may be in different ways. It makes so much sense that in reality without Him, without God-Love, the life of the Christian who is sincerely seeking would have no meaning.

That is why it is sad to find “nominal Christians” who, not experiencing God-Love, sometimes even not believing in God as Love, live a formal Christianity but lacking its true content. Also these lives, like those images, somehow we can say that they squeak. “God is light, in Him there is no darkness” (1 Jn 1,5) and, therefore, God’s children are children of light.

But we still find, and are still denounced by the prophets of the 21st century, such as Pope Francis, proposals of faith in God that put the human being in darkness. There are some types of religiosity that completely confront the words of the author of the letter: “If one says that he loves God and hates (does not love) his brother, he is a liar” (1 Jn 4:20). Or what is the same, his religiosity is false, his proposal is not God’s. Because if God is Love, everything that is not Love, everything that hurts the brother does not come from God.

I would not like to end without a very current example that can help to better explain everything that has been said. It cannot be credible, it is not, to pretend that from Christian positions it can be accepted that 600 people in a boat can be sent adrift towards certain death. To propose that and say that you believe in God is blasphemy.

As Urs von Balthasar said: “only love is credible” . That is, only true love is consistent, authentic and credible.

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