We present a new series of articles, as a training course, on the Petrine Ministry (or Papacy).
It is about offering the foundations that we find in the Bible and in the history of the Church on the ministry and service of the Pope to the Church.
¿Por qué?
Catholics have a very important identity characteristic: we feel uniquely united to Jesus Christ through his Church, guided by the Pope, Peter’s successor.
That communion, moreover, is with the Pope, be it Peter, John, Benedict or Francis.
We, Bloggers with the Pope, feel a call, by way of service, to spread and promote the doctrine and mission of the Pope (whatever it may be at any time).
But it is no less important to substantiate why we do that. For this, this simple tool that is this course
And why now?
We are not oblivious to what is happening in the Church and we believe that right now it is necessary to be even more united than ever around the Pope.
The topics that we will deal with will be:
Authority in the Bible
Jesus, the different authority of power
Jesus chooses Peter
Peter denies Jesus
Jesus confirms Peter
Peter at Pentecost
Peter and the first Church
Peter and Paul: frictions
Peter in the Jerusalem Assembly
Petrine Ministry and the early Christians
The Petrine Ministry in the history of the Church
The dogma of papal infallibility
Pablo VI
Juan Pablo II
El Papado en Ut Unum Sint de Juan Pablo II
Benedicto XVI
Pope Francisco
We hope that these topics can be of use to all of us for our personal formation and for fraternal dialogue and we entrust this course to Jesus through his Mother Mary and all the Holy Popes.


Quique Fernández

Bloggers with the Pope

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