Today we begin this course on the Petrine Ministry, the Papacy.It aims to be, at the same time as a training course, an important, necessary, essential declaration of intentions of this service to the ecclesial communion that is Bloggers with the Pope.
It is necessary, therefore, to emphasize that our commitment, and therefore also this course that we begin today, is with the Petrine Ministry, the Papacy, that is to say each and every one of the Popes that the Lord grants at the service of the Church.
We were born with Benedict XVI, we continue with Pope Francis and, God willing and permitting, we will continue faithful and at the service of the Church with the next Popes.
We are living in a complicated and paradoxical time regarding the Ecclesial Communion. Some ultra-conservative, traditionalist groups, or whatever everyone wants to call them, have opened a pim-pam-pum contest against the Pope and his Magisterium.
Some say that Pope Francis is a communist, others that he is a Mason, there are those who consider him an antipope and even those who dare to call him antichrist. Some consider the Pope continually wrong, others consider that the Pope is, and only is, Benedict X VI, and there continue to be those who deny legitimacy to the Second Vatican Council and to all the Popes from that moment on.
Of course, they are a minority, noisy but minority. Of the 120 cardinal electors, only one has spoken out against Amoris Laetitia. But that one, together with a few cardinals and bishops emeritus, and amplified by some platforms on the net, sadly make more noise than the vast majority of the faithful in communion with the Pope and his Magisterium.
This is where those platforms such as portals, websites, blogs come into play … Let’s not be fooled, much less let us be fooled, it is no coincidence that well-known portals put on the cover the “dubia” of four cardinals (three of them emeritus), underlining how prepared they are, and instead those cardinals are undervalued and belittled, including full episcopal conferences (such as Hispaniola) who manifest themselves in communion with the papal magisterium. It’s not by chance!
These days Juan Manuel de Prada wrote an accurate analysis (which we already share). Well, he himself has pointed out that there are certain media that only want his writings if they are discordant with the Pope, but if his writing is in some way “favorable” to the Pope, then they do not publish him. And he attributed ideology as the cause. Because we do not reveal anything new if we say that some so-called Catholic portals are moved by ideology more than faith.
We, from a very humble situation, knowing that we are weak and small, contribute what little we are and what little we can, to join so many Catholics who, knowing that they are called by Christ himself to live the Ecclesial Communion, we do so from the Catholic way that It is around the Pope, being faithful to his ministry and teaching. But we still go one step further and, feeling that he is a father to us, we profess love and we express our affection for him.
And that is not why we are blind or we are papólatras. We know that Jorge María Bergoglio has defects, as did Joseph Ratzinger or Karol Woijtila, and how all of us who are sinners and limited have them. We also know each of us the shortcomings of our mothers or our wives.
Our love and affection is not sentimentality. Our faithfulness, even obedience, has nothing to do with the total coincidence of opinions. We are faithful to Jesus Christ and his Word, to the authority that emanates from Heaven and is exercised on Earth by who has been chosen in the name of Jesus Christ to serve his Church.
To show that fidelity and ecclesial communion around the Pope is God’s will, we will dedicate the first part of the course (10 entries including this one) and the second part will be dedicated to how the Church has given a positive response to that will (10 more entries included the conclusion). So there will be 20 entries in total.
We ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten our understanding and Mary, Mother of God, to take us by her maternal hand. And all this from the dynamics of Mercy.
Today, the feast of the Cathedral of Saint Peter in 2017, we begin by saying, with faith and affection, long live the Pope!


Quique Fernández

Bloggers with the Pope

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