What is our attraction to each other calling us to?

Desire is always generated in advance for a good that attracts us. This attraction is what really impacts us and it is in this movement that we can intuit, see, desire, act …

In order to achieve that good that my desire has generated, I have to act and acting is not neutral.

What I do with my affection and my sexuality responding to that desire does not leave me indifferent. This action is building me as a person, so what matters are actions, because the response of my behavior to a desire is not neutral.

If the behavior is selfish when faced with a desire, at the end of practicing selfishness so much the person becomes a selfish person.

But if the behavior is kind to a wish, after so much acting kindly and doing good deeds, the person becomes a good person.

Affect is neutral and emotions are neutral, but actions are not. It is the response that is given that determines what comes next. So first you have to decide what you want. Depending on where the desire and actions point, one thing or another will be achieved.

If you want to know more about the levels of attraction (bodily, psycho-affective, personal and transcendental) and where to point your actions / responses to your desires, do not miss the next podcast “TOB TALK: Trapped in desire?”


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