That God is Father, our Father, makes the idea that one could have of a God being superior, who governs us, who tells us what we have to do, punisher, a little far away … totally change, because God as Father that he is, he makes us very close.

This is very clear when we are little. Babies constantly need their parents because they cannot fend for themselves, they need to be cleaned, fed, loved … and when they stop seeing their parents or are in the arms of a stranger, they often cry, feel insecure, unprotected, lost. Until the father or mother arrives and calms them with their tender embrace.

We, as children, have sometimes failed our parents, but despite everything, they continue to love us, even if there is not good communication, even if we have caused them sadness, even if we have gotten angry and have withdrawn their words , because our parents have given us life and that is something very great.

As children of God, sometimes we are not very aware that God, our Father, also hurts that we fail him, in the same way that “earthly” parents are hurt when their children “pass from them”, see how they do not want to follow the advice that they have been given with so much affection and choose to go down other paths that promise false happiness and fulfillment, but that does not mean that God stops loving us or punishes us. On the contrary, God is always waiting for us with open arms, without grudges, always ready to forgive and organize a great party for our return to Him.

Being a child of God means not being afraid to follow the path that He shows us and having confidence, because He wants the best for us, like a baby trusting in the arms of its parents, although sometimes we do not understand it, no Let us forget that God loves us and that he has a full life plan for each one of us. Sometimes we have surely said or thought “it’s that my parents don’t understand me or they are wrong.” God is never wrong and understands us, He knows what we are going through at each moment, be it a happy or sad moment, euphoric or fearful, frustrating or triumphant…; He knows us very well because He is our Father, our Creator.



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