About us

MIRACLE SOUND RADIO is a proposal to share the GOOD NEWS through music and other content.

Miracle Sound Radio offers programming based on current Christian music, which from harmony and inspiration,
seeks to help all people to have and maintain a personal encounter with Jesus;
so that they thus find the joy of knowing that they are loved, encouraging them to have the experience of the first announcement or of the return home, but always on the way to Full and Eternal Happiness.

  • Miracle Sound Radio understands that the Church calls us to be joyful transmitters of that Good News with today’s media , and among them Online Radio .
  • Miracle Sound Radio wants to make John Paul II’s proposals for renewal come true, of new illusions from new forms, and that of Pope Francis to “go out to the peripheries of the world, …”

  • Miracle Sound Radio wants to be faithful to the Catholic Church, in communion with the Pope and the bishops, based on the word of God and the teachings of the Church.
  • Miracle Sound Radio wants to share the heart of the Christian faith as our mother Mary lived it , with humility, service, clarity, respect and understanding.