The human heart is an organ that has a life of its own, even scientists have shown that it has its own structure outside of the brain and that feelings are real.

Man is not only a body, but also has a soul that suffers in anguish in the face of love or suffering. Furthermore, it is a being other than animals, it is a person and we have to place the heart within the “being a person”. The person has a soul and a body and they cannot be separated, because they are part of our basic and spiritual structure.

Pope Benedict XVI said in his encyclical Caritas in Veritate : “in all initiatives for the development of humanity, the centrality of the person must always be safeguarded.” When the centrality of the person is lost, society is characterized by the coldness of anonymity. The person in such a society is completely dissolved.

There is a great depersonalization of the human being; the man feels that no one is looking at him anymore. In the Church, man has always felt like someone because he knows that God is looking at him. Society has taken God away from us and man feels absolutely lost because no one is looking at him. 

The heart, like any other state, has laws and it is the “natural law” that governs it. This natural law is the one that presents us with the internal structure of the heart, of the human being. This law comes from within, we have it within, no one imposes it on us and its fundamental content is that we have imprinted on ourselves what good is. That is, we are called to be affectively healthy, professionally healthy people, to create an absolutely healthy society, because a natural law is embedded within us that governs our internal structure.


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